What do clients say


Nelda N. C.

Yolanda instructed me on the following keto principles:   

Setting attainable goals and new eating techniques to obtain my goal;

Food substitutions & grocery shopping tips: and  all aspects the keto lifestyle (including the principles of fasting & feasting).   

Yolanda’s goal is not only to coach,  motivate and inspire me, but also to give me a deep personal knowledge about the keto lifestyle.  

She has shared delicious recipes which I have adopted.  

Due to her gentle guidance, encouragement and follow-up, I am so pleased to say that I lost 29 pounds within 3 months. 

Ayanna C. C.

 Yolanda has really helped me understand and embrace the keto/low-carb low-sugar lifestyle. I turned to her after having plateaued on my weight loss journey. She was interested in learning what did and didn’t work for me in the past and gave awesome advice on how to transition to a keto lifestyle in a way that would work for me. 

I have since lost more than 15 pounds by following much of the advice and guidance that Yolanda has provided. What I most appreciate about Yolanda’s approach is that it isn’t a one-size fits all approach. I love all of the substitute options and other resources she shares, like how to track macros, fast intermittently and ID low carb veggies. 

I also like how real she is when it comes to allowing yourself a treat every now and then, but jumping back on it the next day. It has certainly made this lifestyle a realistic and sustainable one for me. 

The weight loss has been great, but how I feel and my improvement in my health vitals has been phenomenal and life-changing. 

Vauda S.

 She has proven and displayed that women over the age of 50 can be fit and healthy. 

Dana P.

 Yolanda Sabio has an incredibly positive, powerful energy that I know creates meaningful, lasting, healthy shifts in the very core of each woman she works with.

Yolanda provides you with the holistic spiritual, mental, physical & emotional strength, guidance and fearlessness that she lives by each day to inspire all who experience her bright light.

It is my great and humble honor to write this recommendation.